Professor Peter Ball

Professor of Operations Management & Director of Business and Community Engagement, The York Management School

Peter Ball is Professor of Operations Management at the University of York. Peter leads business and community engagement within The York Management School. His work is typically at the interface between academia and industry. His passion is on addressing challenges and opportunities in teaching students using live consultancy projects through to research co-production in the area of sustainable manufacturing. He’s used Innovate UK, research council and other project funding to transfer knowledge to companies and bring new understanding and fresh challenges into universities. His current work is looking at peer-to-peer learning for companies to advance their sustainability and new product development practices and, separately, have a greater understanding of productivity within manufacturers and the barriers and enablers to advance. He has the priviledge of serving on the IET’s Design and Production Sector Executive and being a judge on the IET’s and Make UK’s sustainability and innovation awards.

The University of Sheffield University of York University of Leeds