ESRC Impact Acceleration Account

The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) provides funding for knowledge exchange and engagement activities through Impact Acceleration Accounts (IAAs). IAAs are block awards made to research organisations, in this case the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York, to accelerate the impact of research.

They have awarded new IAA funding to 26 research organisations across the UK that receive substantial levels of ESRC research funding. The next round of funding will start in April 2019 and lasts for four years.

IAAs allow research organisations to respond to impact opportunities in more flexible, responsive and creative ways. They provide them with agility and flexibility to make decisions about how to invest IAA funding in ways that best suit their institutional strategies and opportunities. IAA funding builds capacity and creates opportunities for the social sciences to work across disciplines to progress research outputs and outcomes towards impact. The IAA enables us to proactively engage across our institutions to build networks and leverage funding vital for sustainability of knowledge exchange and impact.

The University of Sheffield University of York University of Leeds